SEASIDE BuickDear Dealership Owner,
As the owner of several dealerships myself with over forty years in the automotive business, I'd like to share with you something that has worked well for us this year. We brought Hal Slater from Advanced Communication Training in for a number of sessions and we can definitely see results. We have tracked it closely over a number of months and, when Hal holds a session, we sell more cars.
The main reason for this letter is to make the point that Hal's training offers your business something that your Sales Manager simply cannot be expected to provide. Hal is not a motivational -type speaker. He is an experienced closer using applied research in the neuro-psychology of persuasion. What he brings to our staff is original, entertaining and, most of all, useful. Your Sales Manager is paid to do what is known to work to protect your marketing investment.
Sales research (finding new ways to sell) is very expensive. just ask me about my Saturn franchise. I, for one, was pleased when my Sales Manager brought this to my attention, he is always looking for ways to continually improve sales. I encourage you to give your staff the support they need to rise above the ordinary, bring Hal in and keep track. You'll see the results and owe me one.
Charles B. McLean