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Advanced Communication Training

Specialists in High Ticket to Consumer Selling
Are you trying to use low ticket selling techniques to make high ticket sales?

Does Business-to-Business selling, with its emphasis on gatekeepers, "VITO's" and committees, leave you cold?

Have you had about all of the "motivational" training you can stomach?

Have you ever noticed that:
• Buyers say they want the best price, but they rarely buy from the lowest bidder?
• Buyers promise to call you back but if you do not follow up, you will never hear from them again?
• Buyers rant about their concern for quality and integrity but frequently buy from competitors who you know use sleazy methods and weak products.

Would you like to crawl inside the head of the person you are selling to and, in the words of hostage negotiator, Sgt. Bob Corey, "... better anticipate their thoughts and feelings..."?

If you are answering yes to these questions let's explore an idea together. To get a better understanding of how to sell, we need a better understanding of how people buy.

This approach has led some of the world's most respected experts to say...

"The most practical, "street smart" application of NLP to sales yet to come to my attention. Hal seems to be at the cutting edge of converting sales from an art into a learnable discipline. His customer centered approach to communications will produce results for anyone who uses it."
John Grinder, Ph.D., Cofounder of Neuro Linquistic Programming

"On-target, relevant, enjoyable. An intelligent, yet, simple approach to today's number one business priority sensitive to the needs of the buyer. I would recommend it to anyone
who has a need to persuade convincingly and gently."

Denis Waitley, Ph.D., author "The New Dynamics of Winning"

"Hal Slater is a masterful presenter whose original insights represent a quantum leap in the Art of Selling."
Brian Tracy, author "The New Psychology of Selling"

"It's like ESP. I've never seen anything like it before... The good thing about this approach is...you won't get any closing resistance."

Selling Power Magazine (Video Review)

High ticket sales situations have this in common: when considering a purchase with consequences that may last for years, consumers become... hinky. That is, they do not seem to act completely rationally.

Our training is a solid, scientific approach to understanding and teaching the communication principles, patterns and processes discovered through recent ground-breaking research in psychology, linguistics and physiology. Read our articles, look at the free video clip and get the first chapter of the book. You will find our approach refreshing and we hope to hear from you.


So, if you sell grown-up toys like:
- yachts, recreation vehicles (RVs), motorcycles, watercraft, boats, automobiles, theater systems, high-end electronics, artworks, jewelry, timeshare and more.
Or if you sell home improvements like:
- swimming pools and spas,remodeling, homes, room additions, roofing, siding, stucco, paint, patios and masonry, landscaping, patio covers, arbors, gazebos, cabanas, closet organizing systems, drapery, carpeting, flooring and more.
Or, if you sell products/services to small business like:
office equipment, advertising, event services, software and more.
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