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Hal Slater
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Toastmasters awards

What do the experts say?

"Hal Slater is a masterful presenter whose original insights represent a quantum leap in the Art of Selling."
Brian Tracy

“On-target, relevant, enjoyable. An intelligent, yet, simple approach to today’s number one business priority, sensitivity to the needs of the buyer. I would recommend it to anyone who has a need to persuade convincingly and gently."
Denis Waitely, Ph.D

“The most practical, street smart application of NLP to sales yet to come to my attention. Hal seems to be at the cutting edge of converting sales from an art into a learnable discipline. His customer centered approach to communications will produce results for anyone who uses it.”
John Grinder, Ph.D.,
co-Founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence"
Modern Psychology.

"It's like ESP! ...you won't get any closing resistance." Hal Slater offers the first training where "...nonverbal and Neuro-linguistic techniques are applied in a practical way to advance the sale, not just to advance the viewers thinking."
Selling Power Magazine

Hal Slater is not just informative, he is a fascinating and dynamic speaker. He is one of fewer than twenty people, in their eighty year history, to have earned every speaking award offered by Toastmasters International.

"I have been teaching selling, sales management and marketing at a university level for 27 years and simply can not reproduce this kind of industry focused training in a university classroom... During the 22 years that I was a pool builder, I trained many pool sales people but I could never gather the wealth of material that was presented here... [Hal] presents the business model that allows technically competent builders to use their knowledge to generate more sales and income.”
Rick English, San Diego State University

"When it comes to the selling skills, Hal's energy absolutely fills the room as he shares his amazing psychological insights."
Lew Akins, noted Pool Builder

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