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three gleeful students Our training is engaging and uses humor, props, exercises and live demonstrations to teach the highest level of persuasion skills with lasting results.

On Site Training
Since 1980, ACT has been conducting sales and sales management training worldwide. We have presented to every national level recreation vehicle association, swimming pool and spa association, yacht brokers association and dozens of associations for various other high ticket industries. We work closely with these groups and dealer organizations to make our unique Sales Training a valuable membership building and retention tool. Here is a partial list of the programs we offer and the best audiences for the program.

• Managing and Motivating Salespeople- This program will debunk the myths of "managing and motivating" and teach your sales managers the "science of inner drive" and how to use that knowledge to be effective sales team leaders. Best for senior salespeople and managers with less than three years experience.
Secrets of High Ticket Selling-
This program is designed for experienced salespeople who are ready for a college-level program on the psychology of people who are making an important decision. Suitable for dealers, contractors, brokers and account managers
Creativity Session-
In this program we will lead your team though a proven process that uses the techniques of the social sciences combined with the brainstorming exercises used in Hollywood Studios, like Disney, DreamWorks and others. This program has the perfect combination of freedom and structure that encourages everyone to participate. In one day, we will focus on a clearly defined need and use this unique structure to create a plan, product or solution that will make a real difference in your company's performance
The Gentle Art of First Call Closing-
This program is an in-depth analysis of people reading and emotion building in the pursuit of a close on the first visit where all of the terms are presented. It is best for dealers and contractors with a mix of new and seasoned salespeople.

Local Training
Our local training is the most effective application of the same material that has become so popular, internationally. These programs are delivered in multiple sessions, usually a week apart, giving the students time to understand and practice the information in small increments.

Our Unique Difference
Unlike other sales training programs that teach how-to steps based upon anecdotal experience, ACT's unique program on High Ticket Selling teaches your salespeople why their buyers act the way they do. Our program is based upon the Six Key Psychological Principles of High Consequence Decisions. Using these principles, the four phases of the Modern Consultative Sale are examined in a format that combines presentation, discussion, demonstration and exercises.

The effects of this training are that your salespeople, even the most experienced of them, become more consistent in applying essential elements of the sales process, they become more precise in their execution and more creative when faced with difficult situations.

Use the Power of 1%™ to see how dramatic the results of each small increase in sales performance will be. With the rising costs of doing business, especially advertising, sales organizations must consistently seek improvement to stay profitable.

Call today for a free quote on a program for your association or company. If you are planning a conference, this could be an excellent opportunity to increase attendance and performance at the same time.
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