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The Attack of the Big Guys
It’s happening as we speak. Large, well-financed corporations with “No Money Down” solar lease programs are moving into town to take over our local market. With sales forces of salaried reps supported by large offices and national marketing companies, it can be hard to compete.

Take Advantage of Group Strength
People will support local businesses over national businesses if they are secure with what they see, hear and feel. Image is the power those big guys use, and you can, too.

Running a solar business, you need the right tools which are expensive and time consuming to develop. We have templates for our members to customize with contracts, permit forms, sales literature, presentations and system labels. We’ll give you proven, effective materials you can use to build your own image.

Your Guarantee of Success
Attend live weekly meetings with the opportunity to give and recieve feedback guided by one of the most experienced leaders in the solar industry.

“The reason this program will work so well for anyone is that Hal has left nothing to chance. You just get out there, design and sell. He has assembled the finest presentation materials so you will begin with your client’s respect, When it comes to the selling skills, Hal’s energy absolutely fills the room as he shares his amazing psychological insights.”
Lew Akins
Solar Sales Legend

Managing by Key Metrics
Learn how a few ‘key’ metrics can be balanced effectively to grow your solar business. Knowing what to watch and work on not only grows your business, it grows your profits.

“This program is designed for people that know the technical side of the business. Here they learn to bring in enough profitable business to reach their income goals. Hal includes some very tangible and useful tools and he teaches you how to use those tools to generate a steady stream of profitable business.”
Rick English
San Diego’s first Solar Contractor

Total Improvement Plan
We help your business grow systematically by working on the key business measurements (metrics) you can control: leads, close rate, average sale, overhead and margin. Improve each of these, if only just a little, and you will see a leap in the most important metric of all, your net profit.

This is what the Japanese call kaizen; steady, regular, incremental, unrelenting growth. More leads, higher close rates, bigger sales and thicker margins; this is how you get triple digit gains from single digit improvements. Easier said than done, you are thinking and we agree, but well worth doing nonetheless.

“We are grateful for your assistance in helping us to better understand the Solar business. We are sufficently humble at this point, that this should be a healthy counter-balance as we move forward in this industry.
“I am sure we will have the opportunity to continue our association and work together. Still much to learn.”

Steve Shallenberger
CEO, Synergy Companies

It is a Proven Strategy
The starting point is to build and use a system for
marketing and selling your work. Using a system will:
• get you better leads.
• help you learn what your buyers really want.
• make your presentation better.
• increase your close rate.
• make your pricing more accurate.
• allow you to avoid errors and learn from mistakes.
• allow you to train others.

You Do the Math
How many leads did you run last year? If it was 100, could you run 10 more? That is a 10% increase in effort. If you sold 30% of those leads, could you learn to close 33%? If your average sale is $35,000, could you add $3,500 to that? And if you are holding a 25% margin, could you increase it to 27.5%? In three years, that kind of improvement will turn $150,000 a year net into a whopping $687,000 net profit per year!

Use our online calculator to see your real earnings potential, Key Metrics.