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Here are the templates I am using and will provide on the first day of class. A credible,
well-organized, easy to follow case will tilt the playing field in your favor. These tools
will allow you to quickly prepare each case. It's a systematic approach to keep you from
getting bogged down in preparation so you can focus on presentation and closing.


Residential PV
Commercial PV
Energy Star Air Conditioner rating comparison
Energy Star Heat Pump rating comparison

Home Improvement Sale (Jan 2006 compliant)
Commercial Sale
Change Order
Work Order
Engineering and quote

Sales literature

Survey form
11x17 with Pool Equipment and Solar, Cooling Options, Solar Water and Space Heating

My PV permit package is 10 - 11x17 pages
Includes everything for a quick (no-hassle) permit, including plaques
Hot Water Add-on

The 21 page "Net Zero Plan" presentation

Read this chapter to understand how High Ticket Selling is different.
Links to free copies of eBooks will be provided on enrollment.